At AzurRx, we describe our company as “business led, science driven, and clinically advanced”— and at the forefront of developing therapies for digestive disorders. Since our beginning as a small research focused company, we have come a long way toward achieving our goal of being a fully integrated biotechnology company delivering the highest quality therapies possible to persons afflicted gastric impacted diseases. Our core technologies of next-generation enzymes are novel and advanced approaches to treating disease.

Our medicines in development represent a step forward in the fight to treat the many people living with diseases that impact their daily life and ability to thrive. But ours is clearly not the only approach. At every step of the way along this journey, we have been committed to the notion that there is no one right answer for how best to treat these many diseases. This understanding led us to explore the potential to improve existing enzyme therapies for various gut disorders. And now we have taken a step further on the continuum of innovation to develop our own proprietary next generation enzyme therapies.

We do all of this work with the knowledge that there are so many persons each living with their own hopes and dreams of a world where there is a treatment or even cure for their particular disease. We know as well that for so many individuals and families, time is of the essence. As President of AzurRx, you have my commitment that we strive to live our mission each day, knowing as you do that we often need to beat time as well as nature. We believe this AzurRx commitment is reflected in our strong scientific capabilities, our global clinical excellence in enzyme drug development and in our passion for patient advocacy. I came into this industry unexpectedly after watching so many children with cystic fibrosis have problems just getting enough nutrition to survive. Thanks for reading this note- and for the trust that so many of you have placed in us.