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Are Proteases needed for EPI compensation?

Energy loss due to nitrogen malabsorption in EPI is mild or null:

  • Energy loss by creatorrhea increase in EPI is nearly null (5 gram of fecal nitrogen in very severe EPI correspond to 20 kcal/day)
  • Compensation of pancreatic protease by other GI enzymes
  • PERTs have no detectable effects on fecal nitrogen loss and mild effect on transfer dietary nitrogen to metabolic pools (1)

Proteases and/or Eudragit® of PERTs are suspected in the pathophysiology of fibrosing colonopathy:

  • Usually observed in CF children <12 years of age, treated for more than 6 months with high-doses of enteric-coated PERTs,
  • Pancreatic enzymes, together with NSAID, administered via duodenal catheter to rats for 10 days induce ulcers in the cecum and colon (2,3),
  • Eudragit┬« L30D55 given by oral (rats) or caecal gavage (adolescent pigs) induce fibrosing colonopathy-like changes (4).

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Are Amylases needed for EPI compensation?

  • Pancreatic alpha-amylase hydrolyses starch to maltose,
  • Saliva amylase can at least in part compensate EPI, while the rest of starch can be metabolized by the gut microflora (1),
  • Deficiency is poorly documented in patients with EPI,
  • Inherited pancreatic amylase deficiency result in mild symptomatology, i.e. fermentative diarrhea in children , which disappear with a starch free diet (2).

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